Vacuum Pouches & Bags On Rolls

Altech partners with many major bag manufacturer and can help with all your requirements for bags, printed or non-print, from bags on a roll to bags with a spout, bags on a wicket, on a roll, with a header, slide-seal or self-seal, flat or gusseted, bread or barrier bags, vacuum bags to spout bags.

The introduction of polyethylene to the packaging field caused a major revolution. A product that was impervious to water and air yet strong and inexpensive. For some applications the big advantage of polyethylene is its transparent nature; product visibility can be crucial.

There are many kinds of polyethylene : low density, linear low density, high density and combinations thereof. New technology keeps adding properties to polyethylene resins that allow for increased strength, puncture resistance, sealability and varied melt temperatures in the bags themselves. Polyethylene is measured by its gauge or mil. Consumers should be aware that not all polyethylene is created equal. One needs to be sure you are comparing apples to apples. The experts at Altech Packaging Inc.are ready to clarify any questions you have and make your choices simple and correct.

Our newest stock item is our Papermatch bag. Polyethylene that feels like paper and can be sewn or heat sealed.

A stock most of the popular polyethylene bag sizes.