Shrink Films

We offer the leading films in both the Polyolefin and PVC categories. Both companies are recognized for their innovativeness in the development of shrink films. We distribute the following:

  • Bemis / Closer
  • Reynolds / Alcoa
  • PVC Shrink Bands
Closer ® Shrink Film Closer is an extremely versatile family of high-clarity, polyolefin shrink films designed to satisfy a myriad of packaging needs. From pizza pies and CDs to the most difficult-to-wrap products, Closer films shrink tight to form a durable, attractive package - time after time.

Using Closer can reduce your per-unit packaging cost up to 50 percent. That's because the amount of film you need to wrap a package costs less than the box or paper you'd need to do the same job. This also means that less waste goes into landfills." Generally there are two major types of shrink over wrap films:

  • PVC low temperature shrink film which can be shrunk using either a hand-held heat gun or a conveyorized heat tunnel.

  • Polyolefin shrink film which requires a higher heat to shrink it must use a conveyorized heat shrink tunnel.
Manual and semi-automatic shrink wrap machines use center-folded shrink film. Automatic machines can use either center-folded shrink film or flat single wound sheeting on rolls.

Shrink films come in different widths 6" to 40" and different thicknesses (45 gauge, 60 gauge, 75 gauge & 100 gauge up to 150 gauge. Different film shrink characteristics are also available.

We have every type of shrink wrap machine to meet your production needs. (I-Bar Sealers, L-Bar Sealers, semi-automatic over wrap sealers and fully automatic over wrap sealers).