Gaylord Boxes

We carry corrugated boxes of all shapes and sizes.

This heavy duty corrugated Gaylord Boxes are designed for large shipments and consolidation of small packages into a single container. The box's heavy-duty design allows for incredible stacking ability and bulge resistance. They can be strapped to many standard pallets. Decreases risk of damage and loss in storage and transit. Reduces handling time and discourages pilferage.

We are always looking for companies who have large quantities of Gaylord Boxes to sell. We are very competitive in our pricing and look to develop strong relationships with our suppliers. Minimum quantity sells orders of 200 boxes.


  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Savings of 50% or more vs. buying new boxes
  • We cater to your needs
  • We Buy/Sell Truckload quantities
  • Various Sizes and Strengths
  • Single, Double, Triple Wall
  • Full Flap, Flanged, No Flanged, with Lids, without Lids
  • Sample Boxes or pictures available
  • All shipments are guaranteed