Bulk Bags

The demand for Bulk bags or "FIBC's" is increasing constantly. They are a cost effective way to package, store and handle a product form its filling to discharge. Most importantly, for today's environmentally conscious world, bulk bags can be reused as well as recycled, alleviating disposal problems.

There are many choices to consider when purchasing a bulk bag. Most fall into the following categories: bag sizing and design, fabric and safety rating, filling, discharging, handling and protection.

Bulk bags are generally described by their cubic footage. The bulk density of the product and the desired weighment will affect the size and body design of the bag. The three most popular designs are U-Panel, Circular Woven and Baffled.

Fabric weights, coatings, colors, strengths and specialty features like groundable and anti-static cloth are all determinants in proper bag design. The key to proper bag design though, is the safety ratio for which a bag is tested and approved. The industry standard is a 5:1 ratio.

Bulk bags are usually filled through either a duffel or spout top. Discharging is often accomplished with a spout bottom or a full open bottom. Handling is typically done with four corner lifting loops, though other options are certainly available. Protection of product in the bag, particularly if hazardous, powdery or hydroscopic is commonly solved with liners, loose or form fitted; and various methods of dustproofing.

There are of course many variations to the above as most bulk bag applications are customized. The technical experts at Altech Packaging Inc. are ready to help determine the right bulk bag system for you.