Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

  • Fully protected # 50 closed loop chain lift
  • Adjustable top and bottom limit switch stops for setting carriage travel manually
  • Integrated NEMA 12 control enclosure with locking access door
  • Forklift portable from rear of machine
  • All welded, heavy duty formed steal base
  • Turntable drive motor protected in steel enclosure
  • Fully skirted 60" turntable with variable speed
  • Soft start and stop gradually accelerate and decelerate the turntable for gentle load handling
  • Adjustable force-to-load to match film tension to load type


  • Wraps up to 35 loads per hour
  • 60" turntable handles 52" x 52" X 88"H
  • 38" ring bearing supports loads weighing up to 4000 pounds
  • PaceTM Series powered pre-stretch for film stretch rates up 275%
  • Automatic load height sensing photo-eye
  • Variable speed film carriage, banding mode for load reinforcement