Die Cutting

Extremely Versatile for Low to High Production Roller Cutting Presses

Heavy duty production roller cutting press designed for demanding industrial applications. This Series is extremely versatile, low to high production roller cutting presses. These units are typically used to cut a wide range of materials such as: skin packaged products, vacuum formed plastics, blisters, coroplast, cork rubber and all other steel ruler die cutting applications.

Cutting Pressure: This Series can deliver the equivalent in cutting pressure of up to 150 Ton press or more.

Pressure Rollers: Most in this series are equipped with heavy duty 71/2" diameter steel rollers and bearings. Also available are extra heavy duty 101/2" diameter steel rollers and bearings.

Drive: The steel rollers are driven by a double roll steel chain, powerful motor and transmission.

Work Station: Conveyors with "free-running" feed rollers on either side of cutting rollers provide easy handling of even the heaviest cutting tool.

Pressure Adjustment: Rapid, simple and accurate single point adjustment.

Tooling: Inexpensive steel rule cutting die, cutting against a polypropylene or polyethylene 1/4" thick sheet, avoids any make ready whatsoever.

Simple Controls: Power on, cycle start and emergency stop buttons located on center column of machine, easily accessible to the operator from other side of working station.

Durable: The main frame is a welded steel sturdy construction, with removable sections to allow servicing of the motor and gear drive assembly. All parts are covered by a I -year warranty.

Safety: Operator safety main roller shut down or reverse guards are standard on every machine.

Crafting & Delivery: No charge to customer's door if delivered in contiguous USA & CANADA.